The Purpose and method of lubrication

April 3, 2023
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  The main purpose of bearing lubrication is to form a complete oil film between sliding and rolling objects, to isolate the two, to avoid direct contact between metal components, and to establish liquid friction, so that the coefficient of rotational contact friction can be reduced to the original A few tenths to a few hundredths of. For example: fan bearing housings often fail, the main reason is that the bearing is short of oil and burned out, the bearing raceway is fatigued, pitted and fractured, and the bearing is stuck.   


  The design and manufacture of the bearing seat of the rolling bearing is mostly lubricated with dry grease. From the perspective of actual application conditions, it is due to improper operation of on-site operations and oiling workers. Such as: the grease is not replenished in time, the amount of grease in the bearing is not very clear  resulting in lack of bearing oil.