Anhui Liwei conducts fire technical drills to prevent fires

April 3, 2023
Latest company news about Anhui Liwei conducts fire technical drills to prevent fires

  In order to enable all employees of the company to understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improve awareness of safety precautions, enhance self-protection capabilities, master emergency response and escape skills for sudden fires, learn to extinguish fires and evacuate personnel and property in an orderly manner, and ensure the safety and security of employees. Property safety, the company organized fire knowledge training and drills.


  The fire drill activities have carried out strict training and drills for employees in each process link such as printing workshop, compound workshop, slitting workshop, bag making workshop, packaging workshop, warehousing and logistics. Strengthen the fire protection knowledge of employees and improve their awareness of prevention. Master all kinds of fire-fighting equipment, as well as the knowledge and skills of calling the fire alarm, extinguishing the first fire, and self-rescue and escape.


  The key to fire safety is prevention. To do a good job in fire safety work requires us to raise fire awareness at ordinary times, earnestly conduct self-examination and self-correction, and effectively eliminate potential safety hazards. Through this fire prevention explanation and drill, all employees have a better understanding of fire safety common sense, and their safety awareness has also been enhanced. It also enhanced the unity and cohesion of the employees, and the organizational, command and emergency response capabilities of the emergency leadership team were also exercised, achieving the purpose of the fire drill.